Saturday, February 25, 2012

on Creative Writing

So, yes, I've been teasing a couple of short stories for a month now. They're coming, I swear. This week, however, I decided to experiment. I wrote a random-ish post on both my facebook and google+ pages, and also linked to it on my twitter account (yes, these are all blatant attempts to get you to follow me on these services [ps, my twitter, moreso than either of my other social networking profiles, and way more than the blog, tends to err on the very NSFW side. You've been warned.]) that I decided merited a real-live out-loud reading. This week, both as an effort to make sure I got something here on the blog, and as a total delay tactic to give me more quality time on a story that I care about even though it will come out badly, I give you self Sagax's first "vlog."

I know the audio isn't that great (those of you with mobile devices, use headphones) and I will fix it the first chance I get. For now, though, here it is, self Sagax on Creative Writing:

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