Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ramblings of a madman

You and me?
Let's disappear
disengage, escape, no fear
loosened, unentangled, free to
start a mixed philosophy.

We are unhinged, this much is true, so there is naught else to do. Wipe the page and find History lurking in the

Deep Shadow of That Which is

It's a scary, amazing, fruitful, joyous SHOUT. It lay hidden betwixt mirth and awe, something secret in the light of day, uncovered only in darkness. Between reason and love, we hide behind what should be, forgetting what could.

I know secrets
things that could unravel even the lightest hearts
yet somehow
in my infinite capacity for foolishness
I yield

The truth, my friends, is this:
There are merits to those who wear their hearts and minds and souls on their sleeves, their heads, their chests.
Merits more to those who, through tact and pain keep these things aside, hidden.

The difference between a treasure lost and a treasure found. One whose depths must be plundered, only through turmoil, work, and courage found.

If I've learned one thing, my love, it's this:

Without strife, and hardship, no boat can truly say that it has Sailed.

A treasure earned is bounds beyond a treasure given. When you endure, you learn the worth of what is. You understand the lower, baser truth of what you have found. Mystical or practical, that is the truth.

We are but moments. 

Though she had no idea, and every bit of a clue:
So it goes.

and here lies the echo
but the echo lies

Give it chance, and the choicest words become fruits. We eat, we are sated, for now. But the echo is only that what we choose to hear,

Not what is.

Somewhere between life and Death

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